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Our Service Area

Who We Serve

We serve low-income families with children, the elderly, veterans and people needing access to healthcare. Our clients are frail and elderly nursing home residents, those suffering abuse at the hands of a loved one, people with a barrier to employment, those who are financially exploited and those that lack the basic necessities of life.

Statistics tell us that the people we serve are particularly vulnerable, often living with the risk of losing something be it their home, job, health, safety or independence. For example- low-income single parents are seven times more likely to experience domestic violence than those at higher income levels (Intimate Partner Violence, Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report (May 2000). Kentucky studies also show us that the leading causes of homelessness are evictions and utility cut-offs typically resulting from divorce or loss of employment (Kentucky Homeless Survey Report: Kentucky Housing Corporation (2001). These problems cause a domino effect where one loss leads to another. Through the legal system our attorneys and paralegals can preserve the home, protect assets, stop the violence, remove employment barriers, and support families towards the goal of achieving maximum independence and safety.

What we know about our clients: (2015)
57% have a family income below $15,000/year
40% are elderly (age 60 or over)

Covington Area

104 East 7th Street
Covington, KY 41011

Lexington Area

300 E. Main Street, Suite 110
Lexington KY 40507

Morehead Area

546 E. Main Street, Suite 1
Morehead, KY 40351

Ashland Area

1616 Greenup Avenue
Ashland, KY 41101