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The Justice Bus: Coming to a County Near You
Legal Aid of the Bluegrass (LABG) is announcing the launch of The Justice Bus, an innovative new project to increase access to justice for low-income Kentuckians. Funded by the American Bar Endowment (ABE), The Justice Bus will serve as a pop-up legal office in rural counties where: LABG has no offices, are not located near an urban center, have sparse populations and community services, and where transportation and cell/internet service is a barrier. 
Legal Aid Attorney Thanked for Service in Northern Kentucky Veterans Treatment Court
March 21, 2017 
Mr. Joshua Crabtree, Esquire 
Executive Director 
LABG Helps Kentucky Storm Victims

Severe storms, tornados, and strong winds devastated areas of the tri-state on March 1, 2017. Legal Aid of the Bluegrass can help storm victims recover stability by resolving issues relating to housing, possible eligibility for disaster benefits and alerting victims and their families of scams that will further destabilize them. 

Environmental Practice Group

Legal Aid of the Bluegrass is in the early stages of developing an environmental practice, focused specifically on environmental justice issues that disproportionately impact poor populations.

Introducing Our New Team Members

Keith W. Kidd is a Staff Attorney in the Morehead office.  Immediately preceding his arrival at LABG, he completed an active duty assignment as a Judge Advocate at Ft. Knox, KY and he remains active in the Army Reserve.  He has also served as a prosecutor in Texas.  

Because of Legal Aid, I got to keep my home!

When Donna received a foreclosure notice in the mail she was shocked. She did not know that a mortgage was taken out on the home that she inherited from her mother and father and was currently living in. Donna worked with a private attorney to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy hoping to get caught up on back property taxes and establish herself. Unfortunately, her family home was not able to be included in the Chapter 13 and she was back where she started.

SHINKLE v.TURNER: A Step Forward in Landlord-Tenant Law

At Legal Aid of the Bluegrass we work every day to help families maintain their housing through eviction defense, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and representation for lock outs and utility shut-offs. The importance of affordable and safe housing cannot be overstated. Without it, families have trouble in their everyday lives. They may not have the ability to afford other basic needs if the cost is too high. Families suffer without access to clean running water or appliances to prepare a meal. When evicted, children are often up-rooted from their schools and experience a lapse in their education.

Celebrating Pro Bono Month

There is no legal standard, civil or criminal, that states that a person’s ability to hire an attorney determines the outcome of their case but far too often this is the reality. At Legal Aid of the Bluegrass, it is our mission to ensure that this is not the case though. We do so by representing vulnerable populations in civil legal matters but as there is no constitutional right to counsel, the demand for our services far exceeds the capacity that our funding allows for.

SNAP Able Bodied Adults Exceptions

In September, Legal Aid of the Bluegrass and the Kentucky Equal Justice Center met with members from the Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) to get an update on the newly enforced Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) able-bodied adult rules. During that meeting it was disclosed that that the DCBS had terminated 7,419 adults from receiving SNAP benefits due to non-compliance with the able-bodied adult rule.

SHIP Can Help; Medicare Open Enrollment

For many of us, autumn is considered a time of beauty as we watch the colors of the foliage change. However, it represents something completely different for nearly 54 million Medicare beneficiaries. Instead of watching the leaves turn different shades of splendor, they watch as their mailbox is stuffed each day with marketing material from insurance companies. Television ads are plenty and often times, they are met at the pharmacy by insurance agents attempting to enroll them into a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan or Medicare Part C Advantage plan.