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Some people will secure the services of an attorney while others will exercise the right to represent themselves in a legal action without the assistance of an attorney. When individuals operate without an attorney, the courts refer to them as pro se — or self-represented —litigants. Because self-represented litigants are required to act in accordance with the Kentucky Revised Statutes and any local court rules, we are providing links to resources that will help you understand how to meet the legal requirements for your case.

By accessing this information it does not mean that Legal Aid of the Bluegrass will help you. You will not be a client of Legal Aid of the Bluegrass. After reviewing this information if you feel like you need an attorney you must contact LABG and complete a screening and application for services.

Legal Aid Network of Kentucky: Self-help Forms
Administrative Office of the Court: Kentucky Court of Justice

Download the Kentucky Access to Justice Commission 'Your Day in Court: A Self-Represented Litigant's Guide to the Kentucky Courts'--

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