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Volunteer Lawyer Program

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There is no legal standard, civil or criminal, that states that a person’s ability to hire an attorney determines the outcome of their case, but far too often this is the reality.  At Legal Aid of the Bluegrass, it is our mission to ensure that this is not the case .  We do so by representing vulnerable populations in civil legal matters, but as there is no constitutional right to counsel and the demand for our services far exceeds the capacity that our funding allows for.  There are approximately 10,000 low-income individuals per Legal Aid attorney in our service area and therefore we rely heavily on the private bar for assistance in this undertaking.  There are many outstanding private attorneys that donate their time and talents freely but more are required to meet the need.  The individuals that we assist cannot afford to retain private counsel and would otherwise proceed without counsel or would be denied access to the court system altogether.  
To volunteer for our Pro Bono Program please complete our Attorney Information Sheet HERE.