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When the need for legal services for local veterans became apparent to Legal Aid of the Bluegrass, we responded quickly. A newly hired attorney concentrates efforts on veteran clients. Support for the veteran population comes in several forms.

LABG attends veterans’ treatment court in Fayette, Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties. These alternate jurisdiction treatment courts concentrate on healthful rehabilitation rather than incarceration to veteran offenders. Our presence at the table adds resources to complement the addiction or mental health treatment. While serving their sentence in this way, veterans often face collateral civil issues. This layers stress to their efforts which is detrimental to their treatment. Resolving their other legal problems is often, in fact, part of their treatment or a condition placed by the treatment court. It is easy to imagine the wide scope of legal needs in this category.

LABG also promotes a dedicated telephone hotline for veteran callers. This opportunity is open for any type of legal service which we are permitted to take. Calls are returned and screened by the legal assistant of the veterans’ coordinator attorney. After in-house screening for eligibility and conflicts, the veterans’ coordinator uses an email blast to inform our volunteer attorney panel of an available case.

The local hotline has recently become a model for, and an arm of, a statewide effort of accessibility for veterans’ civil questions and matters. The Kentucky Volunteers Lawyers for Veterans (VLV) seeks to serve veterans through attorneys who are willing to provide pro bono services. The telephone number is being promoted through veteran organizations and mass media.

Another pathway to legal help is through LABG legal clinics. Monthly, LABG provides attorneys to meet with residents at the Ft. Thomas domiciliary. These consultations are critical to patients who are concentrating on their health and recovery while legal cases proceed to their detriment.

LABG is planning wider outreach through local veteran organizations. We would appreciate knowing any contact or referral information for other clinics. In addition to common civil matters, LABG offers assistance with VA benefits appeals and discharge upgrades. It follows that greater legal needs create an enhanced call for practitioners to accept the cases. VLV works in concert with LABG’s local recruitment of attorneys for veteran cases. Attorneys may offer assistance in working veteran cases by calling 859-431-8542.

In all avenues of sending cases for pro bono work, the case is assessed for area of law and estimated time commitment. That information is included with case facts in the email blast. The volunteer attorney can gauge whether s/he has time and expertise for the work. A legal challenge is never easy. It is especially daunting for a person who has lived a lifetime without touching the justice system. It can be a complete barrier when one’s physical or mental health problems block their participation.

New volunteers are needed and welcome. Attorneys who are veterans themselves offer unique perspective of a client’s life journey. All attorneys, though, have an area of practice which could be used for a veteran with a legal question. LABG needs attorneys in every jurisdiction of our 33 county area to provide pro bono assistance to veteran clients. The knowledge you already have can assist a veteran who is struggling. Help a vet; take a case. Call 859-431-8542.

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