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We help those who are homeless or at the brink of homelessness stay in their homes or move on their own terms. We file bankruptcies to help people keep their housing. We help modify loans when doing so will promote home ownership. We defend people when they are being evicted. We help improve tenants’ living conditions. We help people get into their homes when they have been unlawfully locked out. We help people get utilities turned back on when the landlord has unlawfully shut them off.

We provide high quality legal representation to help our clients achieve their goals in the following areas:

  • Eviction actions to tenants in private, public or subsidized housing.
  • Denial of public or subsidized housing or housing subsidy.
  • Dangerous living conditions through no fault of tenants.
  • Foreclosure.
  • Lock outs and utility shut-offs.

To see if you qualify for Legal Aid of the Bluegrass services please call 859-431-8200.