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Volunteer for the SHIP Program


The focus of the SHIP Program is to educate Medicare beneficiaries and anyone over the age of 60 so they can make informed decisions about benefits issues based on their circumstances and needs.

    We welcome volunteer SHIP counselors who can help eligible clients with:
  • Counseling at either the counseling site, by telephone, or at the home of a homebound client
  • Filling out forms, filing claims, and appeals
  • Filling out forms and providing information on appeal processes
  • Providing accurate and current information on programs for older adults
  • Organizing paperwork (e.g., hospital bills, doctor bills, Medicare notices)
  • Comparing long term care and Medigap insurance policies
  • Applying for money saving benefits (e.g., Extra Help, Medicaid, SSI, SNAP)
  • Referring beneficiaries to appropriate agencies for application programs

In order to be a SHIP counselor each volunteer must complete SHIP certification training and attend annual recertification training. SHIP counselors are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of our clients and cannot be active in selling insurance or have any potential financial gain from being a SHIP volunteer.

The SHIP Program has other volunteer positions that are vital to the success of our program. The other volunteer positions include: Administrative Assistants; Application Assistance Volunteers; Program Marketers; and Volunteer Recruiters.

For more information, please contact our SHIP Coordinator:
Angela Zeek
SHIP Coordinator
859-233-4556, Ext. 2236