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Legal Aid of the Bluegrass Receives Technology Grant from the Legal Services Corporation

WASHINGTON – The Legal Services Corporation (LSC) has announced that Legal Aid of the Bluegrass (LABG) will receive a $176,966 Technology Initiative Grant (TIG) to reinvigorate and improve the Kentucky statewide legal information website, Established in 2000, LSC’s TIG program supports legal aid organizations in developing and replicating technologies that improve efficiency and provide greater access to high-quality legal assistance.

LABG Announces New Operations Director, Adam Shastid

Legal Aid of the Bluegrass (LABG), a Kentucky non-profit legal services organization, has welcomed its new Operations Director, Adam Shastid, to the organization.  Shastid succeeds Brenda Combs, who is retiring as Business Director at the end of 2019. Shastid will lead the non-legal operations of LABG including overseeing technology, project implementation, grants administration, and financial and human resources.

Landlords Aren't Lawyers

For years, landlords have been evicting clients by incorrect process. Recently, Legal Aid took on this issue and in a recently published decision the Kentucky Court of Appeals held that the housing authority executive director who is a non-attorney has no authority in a legal capacity. In Hornsby v. Housing Authority of Dry Ridge, 566 S.W.3d 587, the Court of Appeals ruled that an executive director of a housing authority who files a forcible detainer action without an attorney engages in the unauthorized practice of law.

Managing Grief and a Looming Foreclosure

When a loved one passes, the burden of finalizing affairs often falls to the people closest to the deceased. Legal Aid of the Bluegrass helped a woman living in Scott County regain stability and move forward after the death of her husband but only after a series of mishaps.

The Opioid Crisis in Kentucky

Easy access to opioids and poor living conditions are leading many Kentuckians to becoming addicted and overdosing from substance abuse. In 2016, 1404 Kentuckians overdosed, a nearly 13% increase from the previous year.  Our 33 county service region has been hit hard by this crisis. This is partially due to the location of our service region. Several counties are located on the borders of Ohio and West Virginia, two states that rank high in opioid related issues.

Joining the Ranks

Legal Aid of the Bluegrass (LABG) has welcomed several new employees to our ranks. With recent changes to our organizational structure and intake system, our newest team members will help us better meet the demand for legal aid services throughout our entire service area.

The Season of Pro Bono

There is no greater time of year for Legal Aid of the Bluegrass (LABG) than the Season of Pro Bono. A time for celebration and appreciation of the legal services provided to needy Kentuckians by volunteer lawyers.  Last year alone, LABG received over 10,000 requests for help. LABG attorneys and advocates helped 5, 870 families or about 55% of those Kentucky families that called us for help. Volunteer lawyers fill in the gap and provide much needed legal representation to those LABG cannot.

Eastern Kentucky Floods Wreak Havoc

Flooding caused damage throughout Eastern Kentucky Sunday and more storms are possible. Legal Aid of the Bluegrass can help flood victims recover stability by resolving issues relating to housing, possible eligibility for disaster benefits and alerting victims and their families of scams that will further destabilize them.

Pappy for Pro Bono

In Kentucky we celebrate BOURBON. 

2017 Annual Report to the Community