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SHINKLE v.TURNER: A Step Forward in Landlord-Tenant Law

At Legal Aid of the Bluegrass we work every day to help families maintain their housing through eviction defense, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and representation for lock outs and utility shut-offs. The importance of affordable and safe housing cannot be overstated. Without it, families have trouble in their everyday lives. They may not have the ability to afford other basic needs if the cost is too high. Families suffer without access to clean running water or appliances to prepare a meal. When evicted, children are often up-rooted from their schools and experience a lapse in their education.

Celebrating Pro Bono Month

There is no legal standard, civil or criminal, that states that a person’s ability to hire an attorney determines the outcome of their case but far too often this is the reality. At Legal Aid of the Bluegrass, it is our mission to ensure that this is not the case though. We do so by representing vulnerable populations in civil legal matters but as there is no constitutional right to counsel, the demand for our services far exceeds the capacity that our funding allows for.

SNAP Able Bodied Adults Exceptions

In September, Legal Aid of the Bluegrass and the Kentucky Equal Justice Center met with members from the Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) to get an update on the newly enforced Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) able-bodied adult rules. During that meeting it was disclosed that that the DCBS had terminated 7,419 adults from receiving SNAP benefits due to non-compliance with the able-bodied adult rule.

SHIP Can Help; Medicare Open Enrollment

For many of us, autumn is considered a time of beauty as we watch the colors of the foliage change. However, it represents something completely different for nearly 54 million Medicare beneficiaries. Instead of watching the leaves turn different shades of splendor, they watch as their mailbox is stuffed each day with marketing material from insurance companies. Television ads are plenty and often times, they are met at the pharmacy by insurance agents attempting to enroll them into a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan or Medicare Part C Advantage plan.

Honoring Excellence at NKVL Luncheon
Covington, KY— The 38th Annual Northern Kentucky Volunteer Lawyers (NKVL) Pro Bono Awards Luncheon is Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at Summit Hills Country Club in Crestview Hills, Kentucky. Special recognitions for volunteer attorneys who provided exceptional service will be presented at this event.
KHC Offers Down-payment Assistance Program through Hardest Hit Fund

Did you hear the news? Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) announced a new Hardest Hit Fund Down payment Assistance Program (HHF DAP)! A total of $4 million will be available for new reservations beginning on Thursday, September 1, 2016, at 10 a.m., ET. If you follow KHC on Facebook, you heard about this yesterday. The HHF DAP will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the completion of the first mortgage and HHF DAP reservations. HHF DAP Guidelines:

New Development in Kentucky Landlord Tenant Laws

In an opinion released yesterday, the Supreme Court of Kentucky held that landlords must give tenants proper notice to vacate and landlords may not file their forcible detainer (or eviction) complaint until the vacate date has passed. Until the notice period has passed, the tenant is in lawful possession of the property and a prematurely filed forcible detainer complaint must be dismissed.

Feeding Kentucky's Economy

More than 17,000 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients in eight Kentucky counties were set to lose their benefits in early 2016 from the lapse of a federal waiver. A federal regulation requiring that able-bodied adults must volunteer, work or go to school to receive SNAP benefits, better known as food stamps, had been waived since the 2009 recession. This rule limits SNAP benefit receipt to three months in every 36 months for unemployed adults aged 18-49 who are not disabled or raising minor children.

Future Attorneys Gain Experience

Introducing our 2016 Summer Law Clerks. Through partnerships with local universities and law schools, LABG provides placements for students seeking professional experience. These positions offer practical learning opportunities and allow students to contribute in a meaningful way while building their resume. Kaytlin Rose Cox 2L, Salmon P. Chase College of Law Pro Se Law Clerk

Local Services for Local Veterans

When the need for legal services for local veterans became apparent to Legal Aid of the Bluegrass, we responded quickly. A newly hired attorney concentrates efforts on veteran clients. Support for the veteran population comes in several forms.